Adult Fitness

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Circuit Training INTRO CLASS ON DECEMBER 18, $5 drop-in to determine your fitness level for classes offered.

Instructor: Marsha Formicola-Dunton

Low Level and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) New workout every class. Use of TRX, kettlebells, sand bags, weights, ropes steps.

Burn Fat, calories, tone & strengthen your entire body. Each class includes circuit training with low (for beginners) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) challenge. INTRO CLASS - Tuesday, October 9, 6:00-6:45pm, $5 drop-in Low Intensity and HIIT stations will be set to try and to determine your fitness level for classes offered. Tuesdays October 23 - December 4 (6wks). No program November 20 (dates revised 9/4/18) Eddy Elementary School Gym - 301 N. Ninth Street, St. Clair $63.00, $42.00 Resident Discount Low Intensity - 6:00-6:45pm HIIT - 6:45-7:30pm
Latin Fit Fusion

Instructor: Shelly Glass

Music & dance inspired cardio workout (Latin, World Rhythms, Top 40's and more). Fun, fitness, no previous dance experience required. Tone/sculpt your body, strengthen your core, improve your posture while burning fat. All fitness levels welcome.

Shelly Glass - I started my Zumba interest 10 years ago by taking my first classes through the St. Clair Rec with Allyson Davanzo and she was my mentor for many years. I know many of the ladies in the area are familiar with her, and I am similar in style to her :)

Tai Chi

Instructor: Sophia Treppa

Enjoy peace & tranquility. Learn the art of Tai Chi/Qi Gong one of the most effective ways to improve health, muscle tone, flexibility, focus/memory, balance & relaxation. Proven to reduce stiffness and arthritis.

Sophia Treppa has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 25 years now brings her experience of the mind and body connection through teaching movements to increase body awareness and breathing. She is certified through Tai Chi Detroit and has taught many different age groups from Cranbrooks summer hub program to Senior Facilities. My philosophy is the body needs to learn to move and breathe in certain ways for our outmost healing of body,mind and spirit. I have suffered with arthritis for many years now and this form of exercise has saved my life. I truly feel my journey on this earth is to help other and now through teaching. I am also a health and wellness instructor of holistic health classes through the Macomb and St. Clair area.